From farm to fork

  • Producers

    Our producers make milk or cheese

  • Collection

    Our trucks collect this milk directly from the producers

  • Manufacturing

    We turn milk into cheese for our dairy products

  • Ripenning

    We ripen all our dairy and farm-produced cheeses in our cellars

  • Distribution

    We distribute it directly to all our customers

We enjoy following the most beautiful traditions !

We want you to enjoy cheeses of the highest quality and to achieve this, our Protected Designation of Origin cheeses are our best guarantors. They are the promise that traditions, authenticity and taste are respected.

For the production and ripening of the 5 PDO Cheeses of Auvergne, we comply with very strict and high-precision specifications.
These specifications define specific rules for each of them in terms of the milk production, processing, manufacture and ripening of the cheeses.

For instance, for the Saint-Nectaire, feed for the herd consisting of grass, exclusively harvested in the PDO area and an extensive breeding model to guarantee biodiversity with a defined pasture time.

GMOs are prohibited and the cows must be born and raised in the PDO area.

Our duty is to guarantee you a top quality product, but also to stay true to the methods of the past while staying abreast of modern developments to produce the best cheeses on a daily basis.

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